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Our team brings a wealth of experience and distinction to your work. We are certified subject matter experts who have spent decades as industry leaders adapting “best practices” into “better practices.”

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our professional development teaching philosophy centers on the principles of inclusivity, continuous learning, and empowerment.

Inclusivity: We believe that every learner brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the learning environment. To foster an inclusive atmosphere, we aim to create a safe, respectful, and diverse space where all voices are heard and valued. This includes recognizing and addressing individual learning needs and adapting our teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles and abilities.

Continuous Learning: Education is a lifelong journey, and we see our role as a facilitator of this process. We are committed to staying current in our field and continually improving our teaching methods. We encourage students to embrace a growth mindset, nurturing their curiosity and empowering them to take ownership of their professional development.

Empowerment: We view our role as not only imparting knowledge but also inspiring and empowering learners. We aim to provide the tools, resources, and guidance necessary for individuals to take control of their own growth and development. By fostering self-confidence and a sense of agency, we aim to equip my students to tackle new challenges and reach their full potential.

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Subject Matter Expertise

We deliver high-quality training experiences that meet the specific needs of the organization or individuals seeking professional growth.

Pedagogical Skills

We design effective curriculum, create engaging learning materials, and employ various teaching methods and technologies to ensure effective knowledge transfer.

Communication and Facilitation Skills

We are experienced in managing group dynamics, fostering participation, and creating a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Certified Subject Matter Experts 


Why rely on consultants with just lived experiences, when you can have much more? Our experts not only have lived experiences, they also have decades of experience as practitioners, and notable certifications. Let us know how we can help.


Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) | Certified Diversity Recruiter | Certified Unconscious Bias Trainer | Fundraising Operations Certificate | Certified Diversity Professional | Certified Mental Health Counseling | Executive Diversity Coach Certification | Certified Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator | Certified Facilitator for Emotional Intelligence and Diversity | Fundraising Strategies Certificate | Certified Philanthropic Advisor | Critical Race and Cultural Studies Certificate | Specialist, Educational Leadership and Student Personnel | Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer | Executive Leadership Certificate

"Our staff have shared how they felt included in the discussion, felt safe sharing in conversation, and appreciated your warmth, style, and experience in fundraising you each have that brought strong credibility to the topic.

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Inclusion Firm as we continue our journey toward building a more inclusive and respectful culture in our Department of Development at Mayo Clinic." 

- Amanda C. Verdick, PHR, SHRM-CP, Talent Manager, Department of Development

"The Inclusion Firm made a positive impact within our organization. The sessions were engaging, educational, and nonjudgmental, which was a refreshing change from past consulting firms we have worked with. The participants really valued the open conversation about each topic and felt safe and supported to share. We look forward to continuing and building on our partnership with The Inclusion Firm."

- Jenny Wentz, Executive Director, Leadership Susquehanna Valley

"The Inclusion Firm was very helpful in working with our Alumni Board to jumpstart a renewed commitment.

As a Canadian client, The Inclusion Firm went above and beyond to incorporate relevant Canadian context and resources in our sessions and worked diligently with us and our board to set us up for future success. The expertise and relevant experience of our consultants within advancement was evident and critical in designing the right process and quality touchpoints for our volunteers. Their contributions were valuable to our ongoing journey of learning and progress, as was their flexibility and ability to address any concerns that came up. It was a pleasure working and collaborating with the Inclusion Firm."


- Temi Akin-Aina, Advancement and Alumni Relations, Concordia University

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