Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a personalized and collaborative development process designed to enhance the leadership and managerial skills of executives. It involves one-on-one sessions between a coach and an executive, focusing on goal-setting, skill-building, navigating complex organizational dynamics, and overcoming challenges to achieve professional growth.The aim is to improve leadership effectiveness, decision-making, and overall organizational success.

Our Approach


Each coaching experience is tailored to leaders’ individual objectives, with the primary goal of helping apply new learnings immediately to the current issues and challenges they face every day. At the outset we build a unique curriculum based on the priorities of the leader. We use focused assessments, values-based thought exercises, relevant articles or books and query-based discussions to facilitate the coaching experience.


Our process offers the potential to build a deep, enduring foundation for leadership by exploring the challenges nonprofit leaders face on personal, divisional, and organizational levels. Participants must be willing to be reflective and committed to receiving supportive feedback.

Developing Leaders to Take More Powerful  Action

If you are a new leader (or, new to your role), an experienced leader who wants to increase your impact, or someone who wants to reduce self-limiting behaviors, reach out to us to determine if executive coaching is the ideal next step for you.


Individualized Coaching

Every leader is unique, and our clients receive individualized coaching opportunities that address what matters most.

Assessment + Goals Setting

First, we will work together in creating your initial personal and organizational goals. We will go over measures of success that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Development Planning

In the Development Planning phase, assessments will be completed, the coaching program will be designed, and a timeline is estav to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Implementation + Skill Building

Coaching sessions will focus on the application of ongoing new learning strategies and educational tools to move successfully through any current challenges you may be facing in leadership.

Evaluation + Feedback

We will review progress against goals for the engagement and create an action plan to solidify learning and foster continued skill and knowledge development into the future.

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