Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity + Gender Expression (SOGIE) 

LGBTQ+ Identity in the Workplace

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This workshop will use a combination of presentation, discussion, and small group activity to provide the information and tools to achieve a workplace culture of belonging for LGBTQ+ individuals. Education on the diversity of identities in the community will deepen participants' understanding of lived experience and help them to discover what proactive allyship looks like. Presenters will cover language, identity, and culture with a focus on practical application in workplace and HR functions, externally facing interactions, and everyday conversation. Participants can expect to engage around topics of identity in an open and conversational environment focused on developing skills through practice and modeling. Case studies and document review will be used to help participants expand their understanding and analysis in order to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ people. 

The workshop will be customized to the audience and participants will be provided with advance reading and asked to bring relevant challenges and experiences to share during the program.

Our educational services:

  • Improve outcomes and address disparities for LGBTQ+ individuals by facilitating content that is intersectional, evidence-informed and performed to best practice standards.
  • Work to reduce the bias and discrimination LGBTQ+ individuals and experience as well as to create more inclusive spaces overall for the local and global communities that we serve. 



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What Clients Are Saying...

“Having all campus employees involved in the training and that the facilitators did set the tone of the training as a safe space for comments and conversation.”

“The honest dialogue was so helpful and effective. I really enjoyed this session and have taken more takeaways than any other diversity and inclusion training I've ever participated in previously.”

"I like the advise of being authentic when discussing these issues. Even if the words come out wrong, the authenticity shows a desire to mend broken, outdated ways of thinking. I believe this will make more people less afraid to talk.”

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